Quarter-Sawn Flooring Inc. Receives NWFA/NOFMA Certification

The National Wood Flooring Association has announced that Quarter-Sawn Flooring LLC., in Helmsburg, Indiana, has earned the NWFA/NOFMA Mill Certification.

“We are pleased to welcome Quarter-Sawn Flooring as the newest member of the NWFA/NOFMA Program,” said NWFA Manufacturer Services Director, John Forbes. “Embracing transparency and third-party certification in the wood flooring sector has become a requisite to compete at a high level. The growing list of NWFA/NOFMA manufacturer members is an excellent example of this growing market demand.”

“Quarter-Sawn Flooring is honored to become an NWFA/NOFMA Certified Manufacturer,” says Kent MacPherson, President of Sales & Marketing at Quarter-Sawn Flooring. “NWFA/NOFMA standards preserve consumer’s trust by guaranteeing a high level of manufacturing excellence within the wood flooring industry.”

The NWFA/NOFMA certification shows that a manufacturer’s wood flooring meets or exceeds the industry standards for grade, configuration, moisture content, and average board length. Certified mills are inspected a minimum of two times per year to ensure consistent grade standards are met.

“Our ‘Radially-Sawn Grade’ features zero sapwood. Our ‘Charles Peterson Professional Grade’ is further refined by meticulous attention to grain angle and uniformity throughout every board. Our magnum opus, ‘Charles Peterson Signature Grade,’ features the finest grain and color possible within each species of wood flooring,” says Charlie Peterson, Vice President of Technical & Marketing at Quarter-Sawn Flooring. “We are able to produce near-perfect matching grain patterns in all three grades by the use of our proprietary and labor-intensive radial sawmilling methods.”

A full list of NWFA/NOFMA certified manufacturers can be found on the NWFA website at http://www.nwfa.org/nofma-manufacturers.aspx.

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