Weyerhaeuser Donates to Clemson Wood Utilization and Design Institute

Weyerhaeuser has donated $50,000 to the Clemson University Wood Utilization and Design Institute to help support the advancement of the South Carolina wood industry.

The money will be used to help fund the institute, which brings together foresters, architects, engineers, constructors and building industry stakeholders to design advances in wood-based products through education and training, product research and development, as well as development of technical and design solutions.

Graham Marsh, area manager for Weyerhaeuser-S.C. Lowcountry, said company officials are excited about working with the Clemson team.

“Weyerhaeuser is delighted to be a founding partner of the Wood Utilization and Design Institute at Clemson University,” Marsh said. “The talented team at Clemson is leading the way to find new and innovative uses of sustainable forest products. Clemson’s work complements our vision to provide great sustainable products that improve lives in fundamental ways.”

Clemson University’s Wood Utilization and Design Institute (WU+D) is a multidisciplinary entity that was established in 2013 to educate, conduct research and provide continuing education of stakeholders across the wood industry. Researchers with the institute currently are testing cross laminated timber (CLT) to determine burn rates, wind resistance and structural load.

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