We Are Thankful For…

As we near the close of a very successful year here at NWFA, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Here are five of the many things for which we’re most grateful:


5. NWFA University

Since its launch on July 1, NWFA University has proven to be a valuable learning tool for our members. We are thankful we have the resources and ability to have built a new avenue to better reach our members and cater to the needs of our on-the-go society.

In addition to our online outlet, we are thankful for the NWFA Education and Research Foundation (NERF) and the generosity of our members whose donations allow us to award scholarships for hands-on training throughout the year.

Photo by David Stluka
Photo by David Stluka

4. NWFA Expo

Since rebuilding Expo five years ago, each show has continued to grow and evolve. With soaring attendance numbers resulting in a crowded trade show floor and packed education sessions, NWFA Expo 2016 continued to build a strong community of professionals who have a shared passion. We are thankful to all those who contributed to this wonderful accomplishment and look forward to another great show in Phoenix, next year.

Photo by David Stluka
Photo by David Stluka

3. NWFA Staff

As our staff grows, so does the realm of possibilities we can achieve for our members. In 2016, NWFA added six new staff members and promoted three current staff members to help facilitate the growth of our association and provide us with the resources to dive into new endeavors, such as bringing Hardwood Floors Magazine in house. We are thankful to have our new staff members on board and to see what we will accomplish as a team in 2017.

15107407_10157797329945077_7618886692869654716_n-1 chris-sanna-group-shot

2. Opportunities to Give Back

We are thankful to have many opportunities to work as a team and enrich the lives of those in our community. As a bi-weekly volunteer at the Little Bit Foundation in St. Louis, NWFA has been able to contribute to 1,000s of disadvantaged children in our area. We continue to give back to Little Bit from afar by providing donation bins at our office, training center, and NWFA Expo.

Outside of St. Louis, we are thankful to partner with the Gary Sinise Foundation to help supply labor, material and logistics for their Smart Homes through the GSF RISE (Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment) program. These homes are built for severely wounded veterans in our country to help provide them with the resources necessary to overcome their new life challenges. This year, NWFA and our members participated in the construction of 9 homes with 22 in the works.

Source: Big Stock Photo
Source: Big Stock Photo

1. You

Above all, we are most thankful for you our members. We greatly appreciate all of the contributions you make to NWFA that help us to be a leader in our industry and provide specialized opportunities to help you grow your career in the industry, as well.

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