Gutchess Lumber Celebrates 120th Anniversary

Gutchess Lumber’s Headquarters in Cortland, New York.

Gutchess Lumber, a northern hardwood lumber manufacturer, is celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2024. The fifth-generation family and employee-owned organization serves New York, Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Matthew Gutchess, president of Gutchess Lumber Co., Inc. reflects on the journey. “I believe each generation of company leaders—family and employee owners alike—faces unique challenges that inevitably come with changing times,” he says. “To only speak to the second half of the history, recessionary challenges in the 70s, growth challenges in the 80s, technology challenges in the 90s and 2000s, marketing challenges in the 2010s: the character of our people has been such that we’re not only able to meet any and all challenges head-on but to emerge stronger and wiser from them on the other side. The fact that the business stands taller than ever after 120 years speaks to the sheer tenacity of our people to overcome these challenges.”

Gutchess Lumber has 500 employee-owners, many of whom have been with the company for years. The company says this shows that loyalty comes to companies with lasting values who care about their employees.

“Ours is a legacy of endurance and value creation: for ourselves, for our families, our suppliers, our customers, and for consumers of hardwoods around the world,” says Gutchess. The company stamps each bundle with their name and looks to future generations to carry on their founders’ vision.

The hardwood company has seven lumber yards and sawmills, which it says intentionally operate in the heart of some of the most essential growth areas in the country, to ensure quality control throughout the process. To help elevate an appreciation for the lumber industry, they’ve recently published free promotional materials as part of a lumber education initiative. The campaign seeks to educate the public about the efforts and products behind the everyday products the lumber industry produces, by focusing on traditional and social media efforts.

The education campaign gives lumber companies ready-made press releases and social media photos and captions themed by month. Any lumber company can download the customizable marketing materials, which include directions and tips for optimal use. BEGOOD Agency and Gutchess partnered on the materials. A few topics include responsible forestry awareness and the climate solution aspect of lumber.

“Gutchess Lumber and other businesses that manufacture real hardwood products must do their part in promoting these climate hero products and educating consumers,” says Mikayla Catoe, owner of BEGOOD Agency. “With hardwood substitutes having a larger digital footprint, it is crucial that the lumber industry show up to win some of the market back. That is why we made these resources free, so everyone in the industry can use them to spread the word.”

Visit the Promotional Materials for the Lumber Industry page to access the resources. For more information or assistance, contact Mikayla Catoe at

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