Chair’s Cut: No Dark Ages Here

Photo courtesy of NWFA

From the moment you wake up each day, technology is all around you. For instance, do you still have an alarm clock? Like most of us, the alarm now probably comes from your phone. Whether your workday begins with a video meeting from home or by plugging in a jobsite address into your work van’s GPS, technology is integrated into so many parts of our daily routines.

Because the wood flooring industry has been around for hundreds of years, some might have the perception that we are stuck in the dark ages. In my opinion, we actually are in a time of vibrant change and opportunity. In the “Innovation and Technology” edition of Hardwood Floors magazine, you will read about the ways our industry has advanced and how these innovations can help wood flooring be more competitive against other floor surfaces.

From artificial intelligence (AI) to before and after jobsite photo capabilities, you will hear from wood flooring professionals about ways you can test out new technologies to help with your business. There also are a lot of companies in our industry that focus solely on innovation. They are sharing advice on how to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest. One of the ways you can do that is through the many resources offered by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

By being a member of the NWFA, you have a network of professionals across the supply chain who can share their experiences, contacts, and services. There is no better place to see the newest products and learn about the latest techniques than the annual NWFA Wood Flooring Expo. The NWFA’s technical guidelines and publications are updated regularly to guide you through situations on the job. And, the magazine you are reading right now is another easy way to find out about trends and tips on how to implement them.

Since we are talking about technology, the NWFA’s online learning platform, NWFA University (NWFAU), must be mentioned here. With more than 350 courses, it is a convenient and affordable way to complete training at your own pace on topics including installation, sand and finish, product knowledge, manufacturing, and much more. You’ll earn digital badges along the way to show your educational progression. New courses are being added regularly, including the latest one, “Selling Against Wood Floor Look-alikes,” which introduces strategies for effectively selling real wood flooring when competing
against alternatives.

NWFA also offers a series of webinars to help you learn on the go. Tech Tuesdays, Webinar Wednesdays, and Product Theater Thursdays provide a way to enhance your knowledge quickly. In less than an hour, you will gain an edge hearing from industry experts on a variety of topics in an interactive environment.

At the same time, there is no substitution for in-person training with a hands-on trade like ours. The NWFA offers more than 50 hands-on training events each year throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is the place to learn new skills from seasoned NWFA Regional Instructors and see manufacturer representatives who not only show their newest products, but give students a chance to test them out.

Branch out and learn how innovation can improve your work. For more information about resources available from the NWFA, call them today at 800.422.4556 or check out the NWFA on its social channels and website at NWFA.ORG.

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