Authority-Based Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways for flooring contractors to generate residential jobs. The costs are low, and the results can be substantial if you have a good strategy in place to implement it.

You probably have heard a lot of advice when it comes to social media. Maybe you even consider yourself to be quite effective at it. Or perhaps you just can’t be bothered and never gave it a shot. It could be something you’ve struggled with for some time now. Regardless, if you’re looking to generate more attention, attract quality leads, and land more jobs from social media marketing, this article could be the catalyst to your breakthrough.

Here’s why. Most contractors are doing all the right things according to what many experts advise: post often, engage with customers, maybe even do a contest here and there. But often, they’re missing one key element from their social media marketing: authority.


Sometimes when people think of the word authority, they imagine a role such as a police officer. No, I’m not talking about that kind of authority. The kind of authority I’m talking about is being known as “the go-to person” in your city. You’re a trusted influencer, an expert in your field, and a source of knowledge for others. This is ultimately the kind of reputation you want. Yet almost everyone is trying to be an authority these days. Especially on social media. So how do you become more effective at this than others?

The fastest and most effective way to build your authority on social media is by providing consistent proof that affirms your authority over a long period. The more evidence you can show people why they should respect you, the more respect, authority, and influence you’ll get. However, there are different levels of proof you will need to provide. So today, you will learn my top three authority-based tactics to grow your social media presence and business.

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Knowledge is a level of proof and can build authority fast. After all, homeowners are more likely to feel comfortable working with someone who displays a lot of knowledge about their craft. But it’s also easy to fake, especially online. Most of the blog posts you see contractors share about “7 tips to a better floor” are repurposed content from other similar posts online. So that doesn’t really prove you know anything.

It all depends on the delivery of the content. For example, let’s say you made a quick (one to three minute) video on your smartphone, where you point out an existing issue with a floor. You walk them through why it was wrong, and how you’re going to fix it. That would be a very strong form of proof and effective social media post. Many times, telling people what NOT to do is more compelling than what they should do.


The quality of your work is very important. I’m sure you’re talented at your craft. But if no one ever gets to see the quality of your work, how will they ever know the difference?

The issue a lot of contractors run into is they might have an eye for their specific trade, but not for marketing it properly. They don’t take good pictures of their work. They don’t do a good job of displaying testimonials. And they’re not very consistent in documenting their journey daily.

Every job you complete is another opportunity to advertise your business. The pictures you take of the job can be turned into an ad. The happy homeowner can become a glowing testimonial. And any issues you come across along the way and resolve can be documented on social media and transformed into a piece of content.

This is all proof to your audience that you’re in the business of results. On top of that, the fact you’re constantly updating your audience on all the work you’re doing is proof you’re in demand.

Make it part of your process to document the beginning, middle, and end of every project. Take high-quality, clear, and bright pictures. For these purposes, you don’t need a professional camera or photographer. Any smartphone with an HD camera will be fine. Once complete, post these transformations on your social media with a little summary of the job.

I recommend you do these types of posts every day for maximum results. If not, do them as often as possible. This is a long-term strategy, and over time, you will prove you’re not just some fly-by-night contractor. There’s something to be said for consistently showing up every day.


The concept is simple. People are attracted to success and repelled by failure. There’s a strong psychological effect at play here. No one wants to work with someone who is on a downward spiral. They want to work with a company growing year after year. Why? Because it’s a signal to the prospect’s brain, you’re in demand, and people want you. It also makes them feel safe working with you. No one wants to work with someone who could potentially go out of business.

So, avoid talking about your failures, struggles, or setbacks on social at all costs. Instead, show as much proof as you can that your business is growing, and so is your success. I’m not asking you to be braggadocious, conceited, or vain; I’m simply saying you must control the narrative of how your company is perceived online. You consistently must show evidence of your company’s growth and success.

Some examples of the type of proof I’m talking about include showcasing any awards or new certifications you’ve received, pictures of new equipment you’ve bought, pictures of new employees you’ve hired, or new company milestones achieved. This doesn’t have to come off as being braggy or in bad taste. Instead, congratulate your team and comment on how hard they’ve worked this year to earn it.

If you consistently post content like I’ve outlined, you will get results. Especially if you “boost” the ads that perform well and get engagement, and you include a call to action in each post.

Don’t overthink this; just be consistent and do it often.

Matt Thibeau is CEO of Savant Marketing Agency and author of Digital Marketing Secrets for Contractors. He can be reached at or 613.619.5319. For additional marketing insights, visit to download a free copy of “Digital Marketing Secrets for Contractors.”

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