PX12 Planer Spotlight

When does a portable planer become more than a standard tool, and elevated to the level of trusted ally on the jobsite? When that portable planer is the all-new Laguna PX|12 with segmented carbide cutterhead. Producing an incomparable smooth finish thanks to the Quad Tec I cutterhead, for flawless hardwood planks right off the planer. Industry pros know carbide inserts outlast high-speed steel knives by a large margin. But even when you finally need to rotate the cutters, you have four sharp edges for on-the-spot blade changes. Plus, the self-indexing carbide inserts are a snap to install – and no special jig is required.

Hardwoods and exotics are no match for this planer. Even tricky figured grain with changing fiber direction is no obstacle for the PX|12.  You’ll be amazed how this compact tool handles rustic grade hardwood flooring as well. The knots and defects that trip up straight-blade planers emerge smooth and unscathed for your customers’ project. Making wide plank hardwood for a demanding customer that expects nothing but the best? No problem. The PX|12 will handle 8” wide flooring with ease.  And back at the shop, the speed and utility of a full 12-inch capacity tackles whatever the day may bring.

How can the PX|12 produce such a smooth finish on hardwood? A lot of engineering went into the Quad Tec I segmented cutterhead that comes standard on the PX|12. In fact, it’s rare for a portable planer to come factory equipped with a segmented cutterhead. Watch out for planers that look the part, but aren’t up to the task. Some planers skimp on knives, opting for cheaper steel inserts. If you’ve ever run high-speed steel tooling, you already know how quickly those inferior inserts will dull. Or, worse yet, some manufacturers expect you to install a third-party cutterhead costing you valuable downtime.  Laguna has a commitment to offering true carbide inserts on the entire new line of planers, including the very portable PX|12. Weighing in at less than 65 pounds, it’s an easy one-person lift into your truck or cargo van. 

Noise is one of the most common customer complaints on remodel sites. The segmented cutterhead actually solves this problem with a significant reduction in noise compared to straight knife planers. The low angle of attack created by the cutterhead geometry, combined with smaller teeth in contact with the wood surface, simply means that noise complaints are a thing of the past. 

The PX|12 includes equipment and features that are only optional on other tools. A locking cutterhead, fold-down extension tables for long planks, and a powerful 2hp motor are standard equipment. There’s even a convenient thickness gauge built into the planer to dial in your final stock size. An integral depth stop, 26 f.p.m. feed rate, and cutterhead spinning at 10,000 R.P.M. is sure to get the job done in record time.    

Make your own hardwood flooring. Thickness threshold transitions on the job. Save extra trips back to the shop. How will you use your PX|12 portable planer this week? Find all the specs at lagunatools.com and check out the all-new lineup of PX Series planers, offered in sizes to fit every need.    

This article was provided by Laguna Tools. For more information, visit lagunatools.com or call 800.234.1976.

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