5 Most Powerful Google Ad Tricks in 2021

Do You Know Them?

When people are looking for a local business, they usually turn to Google for answers. That’s why many flooring contractors rely on Google Ads to generate residential jobs. Within only hours, you could be at the top of Google for most-valuable keywords in your area. That means a lot more phone calls, estimates, and jobs coming your way – fast!

Yet recently, a flood of new advertisers has entered the market, and they’re pouring money into ads by the droves. This spike in competition has made it more difficult than it used to be for the “average Joe” to succeed, but here’s the good news: There are still plenty of profits to be made with Google Ads in 2021 and for the foreseeable future. You just need to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

So today, you will learn the top five most powerful Google Ad “tricks” in 2021:

Conversion Tracking

Too often, people get caught up in how many clicks or impressions their ads get. But the reality is, clicks don’t matter. Conversions (qualified leads) are what matters. Having your conversion tracking set up is key to a profitable campaign. After all, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

For most flooring businesses, a conversion is a prospect requesting an estimate. With conversion tracking, you can easily understand which keywords and ads are profitable, and which are not. This removes any guesswork and allows you to make decisions based on data instead of emotion. It also allows Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize for more conversions and lower your cost per lead (CPL).

If you’re running Google Ads and haven’t set up conversion tracking yet, it’s never too late to get started. Make this a priority so you can get more customers and save more money.

Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud often goes under the radar, but it’s as real as the words you’re reading on this page.

What is click fraud? A competitor or spammer repeatedly clicks your ad without the intention of buying from you. Their goal is to deplete your ad budget, spike your costs, and make it impossible for you to advertise online successfully.

Now, Google claims they’ve solved this issue, but it’s not as effective as it could be. We’re still seeing many businesses fall victim to click fraud.

How do you stop this? The best solution is to use protection software such as PPC Shield, Click Cease,
or Clixtell. These are easy-to-use software tools that identify and block suspicious users on your behalf. Over time, this will cut fraudulent clicks from your account. And the only people clicking your ads will be legitimate, qualified prospects.

But is it worth the investment? In our opinion, absolutely. Click fraud protection has saved us and our clients thousands of dollars. It’s a must-have if you’re serious about advertising with Google Ads.


The average website converts only two percent of website visitors into leads. A high-converting website would be 15 percent or more. That means 15 people out of 100 visitors turn into potential new business. But what about the other 85 percent of people who weren’t ready to contact you the first time around?

Salespeople often say, “The money is in the follow-up.” You see, most people won’t act the very first time they come across your ad or website – even if they intend to. They get busy, distracted, or encounter something that stops them from moving forward. Whatever it is, your job is to make sure you follow up with them and remind them about your service. Otherwise, you’re missing out on 85 percent of prospects who could buy from you later.

The best way is to deploy Google Display or YouTube remarketing ads to remind them of your offer. This technology “pixels” your prospect. They begin to see your brand all over the internet, requesting them to request a quote again. Some of the biggest brands in the world use remarketing because it works and it’s cheap. In fact, you only pay a small fraction of your original cost to get them to your page. This means you can follow up and reach ideal prospects for pennies on the dollar. Take some time to set this up right, and you’ll be light-years ahead of everyone else.

SEM Tools

One of the most important aspects of Google Ads is bidding on profitable keywords. Unfortunately, many contractors pick keywords based on a gut feeling or hunch. But your odds of success increase when you know your numbers. For that reason, I recommend using a keyword analysis tool or an “SEM Tool” such as SE Ranking, SEM Rush, or Spyfu.

These software tools show keyword traffic, cost, and competition. They also allow you to “spy” on your competitors’ ads, so that you can model their success for your own campaigns.

Stop guessing which keywords are best. Start doing research based on actual data from which you can make predictions.

Irresistible Offers

This isn’t a tip specific to only Google Ads, but it should apply to all your marketing efforts. In 2021, successful advertisers make irresistible offers to their customers to stand out.

What’s an irresistible offer? It’s a message that gives the prospect exactly what they want, with the least amount of risk. This could be a guarantee, extended warranty offer, or a bonus you include with a sale. Whatever you decide, it must be something the prospect wants…badly.

This increases your odds of success because you’re adding more incentive for them to contact you and not someone else. The better the offer, the easier advertising becomes. Think of it like offering a cold water bottle to someone who’s been walking through a hot, dry desert for an hour or two. You won’t have to say much more to get them to buy.

So, there you have it. Using these tested and proven Google Ads tricks, I’m confident you’ll easily soar past your competition in 2021 and beyond. And remember – your results are in direct proportion to the effort you put in.

Matt Thibeau is CEO of Savant Marketing Agency and author of Digital Marketing Secrets for Contractors. He can be reached at matt@mattthibeau.com or 613.619.5319. For additional marketing insights, visit contractormarketingbook.com to download a free copy of “Digital Marketing Secrets for Contractors.”

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