Planting Oxygen

Sorry folks, but I’m in the middle of some trees and can’t get to a real blog this week, as I have been checking out some plantations and other wood supply—this shot was taken yesterday and we’ll see if the wifi is good enough to get it out. 

Clearly I’ve been thinking on the nature of wood and so I will be back next week with some thoughts on the value of trees. 

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Elizabeth Baldwin is Environmental Compliance Officer for Metropolitan Hardwood Floors. In her 25 plus year career in the wood industry has visited over 70 countries and hundreds of facilities of all sizes and types. She describes herself as a “jack of all wood trades.” Familiar with jungles of all sorts–having camped out along the Amazon and walked the halls of Congress–she blogs for the NWFA on both environmental and regulatory issues for educational and informational purposes only. Her blog is not intended and should not be construed as legal advice. Persons seeking legal advice on compliance with CARB, TSCA, the U.S. Lacey Act or any other law, regulation, or compliance requirement/claim should consult with the regulatory agency directly and/or a qualified legal professional.

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