Rubio Monocoat and Festool Team Up to Support Member of the Woodworking Community Diagnosed with Cancer

Faith Jablonski, the wife of Lucas Jablonski of Lighthouse Woodworks, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer. The woodworking community has come together to help out with posts, prayers, and whatever gifts they can.

To support Faith in her journey, Rubio Monocoat and Festool teamed up with a talented group of builders from all over the U.S. The duo held a Woodworking Sand & Finish School, at the Rubio Monocoat USA headquarters located in Austin, Texas. Two teams created three custom pieces of furniture by the end of the school, which are now up for silent auction with all the proceeds going to Faith and her family.

The auction will run until 8:00 AM on July 26. Piece A is a sycamore coffee table, piece B is a sycamore bench, and piece C is a white oak console. You can find more information about the pieces HERE. 

Along with Festool a number of other companies donated material to the class. The Hardwood Mall, Ramia Workbenches, Wall Control, Woodpecker Tools, Bessey Tools, and Starbond were all essential to the school’s success.

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