Arte Mundi Announces Expansion of Engineered Hardwood Flooring Production in U.S.

Arte Mundi, a hardwood floor manufacturer headquartered in China and Arte Mundi USA, headquartered in California, announced the expansion of the company’s engineered hardwood flooring manufacturing to California.

With plans to bring their production equipment, initial production capacity estimated at 40,000 sq. ft. daily, Arte Mundi USA will be capable of producing custom flooring. The company shared that, “this shortens the production lead time, reduces consumer inventory pressure and delayed production deadlines of custom flooring with varying finishes, widths, lengths, and coatings – all while effectively maintaining quality and color stability.”

John Lee, CEO and Louis Kao, partner of Arte Mundi USA, stated, “The unknown trade war between the U.S. and China, the penalty tariffs, and countless issues the industry has faced creates a perfect environment to start production here in the U.S. Arte Mundi will still be manufacturing in China and shipping to the U.S., but at a cost that will need to adjust due to uncertain tariffs and duties. We feel that with all of the turmoil of the import duties, anti-dumping duties, and tariffs, it is time to make the move. Since the majority of our product’s veneers are from the U.S., it makes perfect sense to make them in the U.S. and not be faced with the additional tariffs we presently encounter.”

Arte Mundi USA will be in production by June 2019, and marketing primarily to OEM and private brands. With initial production slotted for 40,000 sq. ft. a day, the company anticipates that it will increase to four additional production lines by EOY 2020.

Arte Mundi will be at the International Surface Event in Las Vegas 2019 Jan. 23-25 Booth #2209. More details are available at

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