The Value of a Good Network

In business, it’s often said that it’s not what you know, but who you know. And the December/January issue of Hardwood Floors offers you a chance to get to know our 2018 40 Under 40 winners – how they got to where they are, advice for newcomers, and why their nominator chose them to receive this special recognition.

Here you’ll find profiles of the winners of our second annual 40 Under 40 class. These are the young movers and shakers who have already made a name for themselves in our industry. They are also the ones to watch as their careers progress. NWFA’s 40 Under 40 is a group that includes innovators, visionaries, and leaders. The profiles will offer insight into each member’s impact, their involvement in the community, and their future aspirations.

Getting to know others and building relationships is something in which I believe strongly. I always strive to be outgoing and positive, and work to create healthy relationships built on trust, and above all, professionalism. One of the most significant advantages of belonging to the NWFA is the connections made with those in our industry.

There have been many times when I was able to call a manufacturer or distributor I’d met through the NWFA and solve a problem, find a new tool or product, or find a better way of doing things. A couple of years ago, I even took up an offer by one of my distributors to meet a manufacturer to make our business together better for all three of us. The NWFA provides these various avenues for networking with your peers. I suggest you keep your eyes open for those opportunities.

One of the most valuable ways to develop those kinds of relationships, the 2019 NWFA Wood Flooring Expo, is just around the corner in Fort Worth. I personally invite you to be a part of the largest gathering of the wood flooring industry. More than 3,000 wood flooring professionals come together each year for the Expo to enhance their skills and connect with other professionals in the industry.

Every year I attend, I am able to rekindle some lapsed relationships, strengthen existing friendships, and meet new acquaintances. I get the opportunity to speak with my peers about specific business and industry issues, and am always able to get back valuable information based on their expertise that I can utilize in improving my company.

Another opportunity the NWFA offers, and one that I’m sure our 40 Under 40 use quite frequently, is the chance to engage with other professionals throughout the year on NWFA’s social media accounts. Use them to ask questions of your peers, share your successes, and let us know what we can do to serve you better.

As we head into 2019, I’m making a personal resolution to further enhance my relationships with NWFA members from across the channel, and I encourage you to do the same. Get involved in the community that NWFA has established. Have an open mind and learn from your peers. Share ideas and collaborate with other industry professionals to help diversify your network. The benefits are endless.

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