American Sanders Announces Sand & Finish School 2019 Schedule

American Sanders has announced dates for an expanded wood floor sand & finish training program in 2019. The company initially launched its sand and finish training program in January 2017 under the leadership of Daniel Boone, and has expanded the 2019 training program to include new locations and added an Advanced Contractor School.

New school locations for 2019 include a new dedicated training center, which will include hands-on demo areas for sanding and finishing of residential flooring, commercial flooring, stairs, and large gym floors. It will be located at American Sanders Charlotte, North Carolina, facility, less than 100 miles from the company’s manufacturing plant in Sparta, North Carolina.

“We are excited to have this new space dedicated to training,” said Brian Strickland, Senior VP of Commercial Operations. “We’re launching new programs in 2019 at this facility that include advanced techniques for the more experienced contractors and specialized training for our distributor representatives. This new facility significantly enhances the services we can provide to our customers.”

The 2019 American Sanders Sand & Finish Schools begin in January and are hosted at numerous facilities around North America and Australia through November. American Sanders also offers a machine maintenance school for contractors to learn how to maintain their own equipment, and a machine service school for dedicated dealer service technicians. For more information visit

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