Eagle Machinery Wins IWF Challengers Award for EagleEye TalonVision Saw

Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc., a machinery manufacturing company located in Sugarcreek, Ohio, along with their partners WoodEye AB of Sweden recently won the IWF Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award for their EagleEye TalonVision Saw. From hard work, teamwork, and a dedication to success, this high-speed scanning and industry leading cross cutting machine has hit the market and proven to be a huge success.

“For a variety of applications, this machine provides a number of benefits to our customers, it’s more compact, and requires less material handling machinery than conventional scanning and crosscutting systems,” says Kirk Spillman, CEO of Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc.

Where a typical machine would have a separate scanner and crosscutting machine, Eagle Machinery’s innovation combines the two to accommodate fewer transitions and a much smaller footprint.

“Our machine is very user-friendly and extremely efficient,” adds Todd Spillman, Executive Vice President. “It’s one smaller footprint machine with large capabilities.”

A key focus in the development of this machine was the hardwood flooring industry. “With this machine, users are able to process low grade raw material into high quality hardwood flooring at very high rates of speed,” adds Spillman.

“A common challenge facing many of our customer businesses is retaining skilled employees and staffers. This machine minimizes this challenge, which is a huge benefit to our end-users,” shares Spillman. “We’ve received great feedback from our customers so far. Our first customer shared that our TalonVision Saw has turned their production upside down in the most positive way.”

“When we were announced as a winner, we were overjoyed,” adds Spillman. “It means so much to us and our team. It took so many people working hard to develop this machine. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and we remain committed to supporting the good people in the woodworking industry.”

Doucet Machineries and Shaper, also members of the NWFA, were winners of the 2018 Challengers Award as well.

Doucet Machineries, a high-tech company based in Daveluyville, Quebec, was honored for their ALYX system, which reinvents wood gluing and offers complete automation for that stage of production.

Shaper, a tool manufacturing company based in San Francisco, California, was recognized for their router, Origin. Combining accuracy and flexibility, the Origin was designed with wood professionals in mind.

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