MAPEI Reintroduces Country-Specific Social Media Channels

MAPEI North America has divided its social media channel that was previously shared by the United States and Canada. The company has now launched separate social channels that are designated as @MAPEIUSA and @MAPEICanada. Respectively, the company will change its social media hashtags to #MAPEIUSA and #MAPEICanada.

This change reflects MAPEI’s dedication to better address the needs of its customers on a local level. By individualizing and localizing these social channels, MAPEI will be able to better highlight the unique aspects of each country’s market, such as specific products, languages, events and industry-related topics.

“We are excited to launch @MAPEICanada in order to provide localized content to Canadians, and to start conversations with customers and people interested in learning about MAPEI and our world-class products for the construction industry in both English and French,” said Yoanna Pergantis, Marketing Manager of the Canadian subsidiary MAPEI Inc.

Steven Day, Director of Operational Marketing for the USA subsidiary MAPEI Corporation, stated, “The creation of @MAPEIUSA and @MAPEICanada allows us to better reach clients in each area, providing specific information in an even more responsive manner. This is just another part of MAPEI’s commitment to leading the construction industry and providing our customers with the right information they are looking for.”

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