William M. Bird joins Hearthwood Distribution Group

American OEM announced the expansion of the Hearthwood distribution group to Charleston, South Carolina based William M. Bird. This is the latest distributor to bring on the company’s brand, serving the Southeast market beginning in June 2018.

William M. Bird has a long legacy of excellence and integrity since their founding in
1865. “We are proud to partner with a company that, like Hearthwood, has such deep
roots in the industry. The Bird company values of fair play, hard work, and caring for
customers and employees makes them an ideal distributor of the Hearthwood
products,” says Randy Schrecengost, Vice President of Sales for American OEM.

The Hearthwood collection is comprised of twenty-four beautiful, responsible, and enduring
engineered hardwoods, made at the American OEM facility outside of Nashville from 100 percent American hardwoods. The company’s flagship brand continues the four generation legacy started by Andy Anderson, the inventor of the American engineered wood floor in the 1940s.

“Hearthwood is a way to honor our family’s 70+ year history in the wood business. It leverages the vast experience of our past, but is packaged in a modern way that appeals to a younger, predominately female demographic,” says Allie Finkell, Executive Vice President. “It’s an honor to partner with William M. Bird. Their 150 year history in the industry fits perfectly with the Hearthwood brand.”

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