NWFA’s Vision 2020 Strategic Planning

Photo courtesy of Ian Schneider.

Back in December 2015’s CEO column, I introduced the idea of NWFA’s Vision 2020 Strategic Planning initiative, and how you, as an industry peer, NWFA member or not, could take part in shaping the association’s future.

The idea was that we would select a set of goals that would guide us and align us through the year 2020. We did this by completing the following processes:

  • Conducted a member survey to evaluate the impact of our current services;
  • Engaged an outside expert that phone interviewees could be honest with;
  • Hosted a roundtable at NWFA’s 2015 Expo with nearly 200 participants, from all member types; and
  • Facilitated discovery sessions with the Boards of Directors individually and through the first-ever joint Board of Directors meeting with all three of NWFA’s Boards participating: the NWFA, NWFA Certified Professionals, and NWFA Education & Research Foundation.

From these activities, a plan was developed and presented to the membership.
The activities revealed consistent themes across all member types, including three primary goals that rose to the top:

  1. Grow NWFA membership by focusing on each unique member segment’s needs;
  2. Increase the impact and influence of NWFA through enhanced training, and;
  3. Improve organizational effectiveness and operational excellence through more user-friendly software and program enhancements.

During the implementation phase, NWFA developed content marketing strategies to reach specific member audiences; implemented an online learning platform to enhance and expand training opportunities; produced a consumer-focused Styles & Trends Guide for members to use as a consumer marketing tool; began the process of updating all technical publications and materials; and mobilized our websites for enhanced usability and responsiveness.

As we head into 2018, we aren’t done yet, but we are two years ahead of our plan! So, now we will begin the work of a new Vision 2023 Strategic Plan, and we will need your help again.

Shortly, we will be asking you for your input – what would you like to see NWFA tackle in the next five years? What would your business look like in 2023 if the association developed tools that helped you on a daily basis?

By the time we get to Expo in April, we will have the results of our member surveys to present at the fourth joint Board of Directors meeting with all three NWFA Boards participating again.

Join us and help shape the future – whether it’s through participation in the survey, in person at the Expo, or by contacting me directly at 800.422.4556 or michael.martin@nwfa.org.

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