The Washington Forest Legality Week

Let’s have a quick break from formaldehyde to highlight a good event coming up next month.

Ruth Noguerón of the World Resources Institute’s Forests Program, reached out to me to discuss the upcoming Forest Legality Week. A researcher for both the Forest Legality Initiative and Global Forest Watch, Ruth leads the Forest Legality Initiative’s work documenting better practices to incorporate emerging technologies in corporate supply chains to reduce the risk of sourcing illegal forest products. She also leads the Sustainable Procurement Guide project, a terrific resource that everyone should utilize.

Ruth told me that “The Washington Forest Legality Week is a 3 day event, October 17-19, and is intended to enable dialogue and inspire action and partnerships to more effectively implement and monitor timber trade legality and due diligence measures.” People will be coming in from multiple countries, representing governments and the private sector as well as ENGOs, the scientific community and service providers.

Ruth also wanted to make sure that everyone knows this is possible in large part because of the generous support and cooperation of the U.S. Forest Service. So this is your tax dollars at work—come to D.C. to learn.

Topics I think of particular interest include:

  • Timber traceability systems
  • Wood identification technologies to combat illegal logging: developing standards and improving access

Register here and come learn more about upcoming issues and new methods of addressing illegal logging and Lacey issues.

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