NWFA and Mohawk Flooring Launch Partnership to Promote NWFA University

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) recently launched a new partnership with Mohawk Flooring after the company adopted NWFA University into the Mohawk University to fulfill wood floor training for their customers.

Brett Miller, NWFA Vice President of Education and Certification, and Stephanie Owen, NWFA Director of Education, attended the Mohawk Flooring show in order to launch this new partnership as well as to run training demonstrations on the show floor.

“Everyone who came by our booth was very excited about the opportunity to get their employees engaged with online wood floor training,” says Miller. “The same theme was continuously discussed, ‘everyone wants wood floors, we just need to feel confident selling them the right products.’”

Adds Owen, “NWFAU gives them a consistent point of education and information to be sure everyone is on the same page.”

This was NWFA’s first time participating in the Mohawk Flooring show, as well as its first opportunity to share NWFA University with Mohawk’s customers. “We gained several new NWFA members from the show and continued to fulfill our mission of ensuring the industry is being educated,” says Miller.

To learn more about NWFA University and the training opportunities available in 2017, visit NWFA’s website at www.nwfa.org.

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