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August 2014 / September 2014

>> Sweaty Situation: Steamy Job Causes Unusual Stain Problem
>> Special Sanding: Make Sanding Heart Pine Easier
>> Tales From the Front: Slithery Suspect on a Job Site
>> Are You Charging What Our Industry Deserves?
>> Do You Blur Lines Between Your Work & Personal Life?
>> The Recoating Riddle: Find the Right Clues When Recoating Wood Floors
>> Floor of the Year Winner Makes Gold-Leafed Wood Wall Mosaics
>> CoastEcoTimber is Reclaiming a Billion Sunken Board Feet
>> This Old English Floor? Bet You Can't Take Your Eyes Off It
>> This Camera Device Can ID Wood in Two Seconds
>> Q&As: Popping Putty, Extra Poly Coats & Installing HDF Floors
>> Trick of the Trade: Less Risky Big Machine Repairs
>> Know Lead Paint Requirements or Risk Thousands
>> How to Craft a Social Media Voice? Don't Over-Think It
>> Up the Green Mountain: Talking About LEED and Green Globes
>> Increase Business Profits by Upselling
>> Reducing Labor Costs Only 5 Percent Could Mean Huge Savings


June 2014 / July 2014

>> Q&As: Concrete CSP, Blending Repairs & Calls About Gaps
>> Top of the Tower: Lugging A 120-Pound Sander Up Three Flights
>> Mysterious Moisture: This Moisture Meter Reading Didn’t Make Sense
>> It Could Have Been Me: Healing After 9/11 at Wood Flooring School
>> Business Briefs: 5 Essential Questions
>> Obamacare and Your Business: How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect You?
>> The World's Largest Recycled Floor Could Be In Texas
>> Wood Flooring Disputes: Should You Choose Court Trial Or Arbitration?
>> The Quest for Colors: Don't Go Astray With Custom Stain Colors
>> Contractor Tattoos His Love For Wood Flooring On His Back
>> The Missing Link: Are You Skipping a Step in Your Recoats?
>> Facebook May Start Ignoring Your Business
>> Wood Floor of the Year 2014: Taking Center Stage
>> A Holt Sander From 1939, And It Still Works
>> Tales From the Front: In Hot Pursuit
>> Trick of the Trade: In the Bag
>> Management Skills: See If You're A Great Manager With These 10 Questions


April 2014 / May 2014

>> Nashville Ryman Auditorium Artists Stand On Brazilian Teak
>> Gary Reynolds: Founding Father of NWFA Retires
>> State of the Wood Flooring Industry 2014
>> Tales from the Front: Bear-Proof Your Floor Installation
>> What the Supreme Court Says About Inspectors as Witnesses
>> How To Use Pinterest For Your Wood Business
>> Wood Floor Estimates: Take Your Time, Tell The Truth
>> Employee Relations: Ending Staff Rivalries
>> Fear In The Workplace: What Message Are You Sending To Employees?
>> How Buy-Sell Agreements Can Save the Family Business
>> Wood Floor Cupping: Why Does it Happen & What Can You Do?
>> Famous Floors: Country Music Hall of Fame's End-Grain
>> Nashville's Wildhorse's Oak Stage Like A Pair of Comfy Jeans
>> Incompetent Installers Lead to 'Crackling' Wood Floor
>> Q&As: Wood Species ID, Squeaks and Applying Hardwax Oil
>> Trick of the Trade: Modify Your Corner Scraper for More Uses
>> Understanding the Cure: How Your Finish Dries in Four Stages
>> Vintage Moments: NWFA Founding Father Gary Reynolds


February 2014 / March 2014

>> Q&As: Stain Solutions for Wood Floors
>> Trick of the Trade: Coming Unglued
>> Beauty & Brains: The Kimbell Museum Floor is Unlike Any Other
>> What Causes Mysterious Black Spots in Wood Floors?
>> Tales from the Front: Stain Surprise
>> Worrisome Warranties: Who’s to Blame When a Floor Fails?
>> Social Studies: Relax, Don’t Do It
>> Dubious Design: Avoid These Design Mistakes with Wood Floors
>> Business Brief: Battle Burnout at Your Wood Floor Company
>> 10 Tips for a Successful Strategic Business Plan
>> Credit Crunched: Don’t Get Penalized for Credit Card Security Breaches
>> How Many Wood Floor ‘Failures’ Start Before the Sale
>> Cupping by the Key: An Unexpected Source of Moisture in a Gym Floor
>> Resurfacing History: Volunteers Refinish 100-Year-Old Battleship
>> Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Design Firm Gives Wood Floors New Life
>> The Midwestern MECCA: Long-Lost BB Court Returns to Milwaukee
>> Photo Contest: Create a Caption for This Kährs Hunk


December 2013 / January 2014

>> Social Studies: Your Twitter Bio 101
>> Clear Communication: A Surprising Lesson From Inspection School
>> Are You a Bad Boss?
>> Planed, Gauged & Undercut: 19th Century T&G Flooring
>> Q&As: Normal Gaps & HVAC Delays
>> Trick of the Trade: Taming the Glug-Glug
>> Coming Apart at the Seams: The Dry Season Is Hard on this Bamboo Floor
>> Tales From the Front: Son Learns Wisdom of Floor-Man Father
>> Will Your Wood Flooring Inspector Hold Up in Court?
>> Wood Floors in Modern Hotel Tie to Community
>> How to Best Hold Employees Accountable
>> Prepare Your Business for Unexpected Disasters
>> Private Owner’s ‘Car Museum’ Features Rotating Wood Floor
>> Heel Accessories Prevent Dents in Wood Floors
>> Geneticists Plan to Create Glowing Trees
>> Vintage Moments: Comic Relief from Fabulon
>> Coming Undone: Do Climate Extremes Really Cause Delamination?


Resource Book 2014

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October 2013 / November 2013

>> Tales from the Front: Buzzed Helpers Contemplate Flight
>> How One Wood Flooring Contractor Ditched the New Construction Blues
>> Understand the Different Flooring Cuts for Better Jobs
>> Q&As: Steam Mops, Lap Lines & Swirl Marks
>> Bubbles in a Strand Bamboo Floor Create a Sticky Mess
>> Vintage Moments: 3M's Galen Fitzel At Leisure
>> Calculating Costs on Wood Floor Installations
>> Reflecting on Reputation: A Day in the Life of Contractor Joe Robbins
>> Contractors Can Save Time, Energy by Focusing on Customers, Hiring Wisely
>> Translating Legal Jargon in Construction Contracts, Part 2
>> Wood Basketball Court Survives Three-Month Outdoor Tournament
>> Biodegradable Urn Plants Tree with Ashes
>> Wood Watch Maker Plants a Tree for Every Sale
>> Helpful Tips to Avoid Trouble with Wood Floor Moldings
>> Social Studies: Job Hunting with LinkedIn
>> Business Brief: Expect the Unexpected
>> Trick of the Trade: Get Groovy When Pulling Staples Out of Wood Floors


August 2013 / September 2013

>> Early Finish Wear Results in an Unhappy Customer
>> Tales from the Front: Lacking Lubrication
>> Reclaimed Realities: What to Expect from Reclaimed Wood Flooring
>> How One Contractor Handles the RRP Rules & Sanding Lead
>> Limit Your Liability: Avoid Moisture-Related Claims on Wood Floors
>> Trick of the Trade: Getting Close to Cabinets
>> Q&As: 'Sustainable' Adhesives & Engineered Expansion
>> Social Media: I’m on LinkedIn. Now What?
>> Small Business Retirement Planning Means Tax Savings, Happy Employees
>> Reclaimed Wood Floors Add Beauty to Ultra-Green Home
>> Geothermal wood sport court sits 16 feet below high school courtyard
>> Wood Area Rug Doesn't Hide Beauty of Wood Floors
>> Design Student Makes Paper into Wood
>> Vintage Moments: Harry's Herringbone in the White House
>> Translating Legal Jargon in Construction Contracts, Part 1
>> Good Service Closes a Sale, Not Cheap Gimmicks
>> Business Brief: Stage Fright 101


June 2013 / July 2013

>> Streaky Sanding: Advice to Eliminate Sanding Lines From Your Big Machine
>> Tale from the Front: Hard of Hearing?
>> Social Studies: Starting from Scratch on Twitter
>> Business Brief: Bartering Can be Bad for Your Wood Floor Business
>> NFL Fame, Beer Teach a Lesson on this Wood Floor Job
>> Finish Flaws: Avoid Common Wood Floor Finish Failures
>> Q&As: Finish=Hardness?, PaintCare Program & Acclimation After Water Damage
>> Trick of the Trade: Get a Grip
>> Big Winners: Wood Floor of the Year 2013
>> Wood Floor of the Year Legend Opens New Showroom in Berlin
>> Tile Floor Manufacturer Features Petrified Wood Line
>> Wood Floor Maker Helps Orchard Clean Up After Natural Disasters
>> Vintage Moments: Proper Posture
>> Employers Grapple with Higher Workers' Compensation Costs
>> Thorough Estimates Can Prevent Job-Site Problems for Contractors
>> State and Federal Immigration Reforms Could Make E-Verify the Norm
>> Who’s Responsible for this Fracturing Floating Wood Floor?


April 2013 / May 2013

>> Understanding How to Measure Moisture Can Avert Job-Site Disasters
>> Improving Outlook: State of the Industry 2013
>> Social Studies: Getting Visual on Facebook
>> Business Brief: Five Top Decision Pitfalls
>> Shear Problems: This Floor Doesn’t Seem to Like Mountain Air
>> Vintage Moments: Dance With the Grain!
>> End-Grain Masterpiece Provides Respite for Wounded Veteran
>> Eau de Floor: Fragrance Company Recognizes Allure of Wood
>> Career Development: Cork Maker Coaches Kids on Flooring
>> A Crisis of Betrayal Transforms This Company Forever
>> How to Make Today's Facebook Work for Your Business
>> Protect Your Bank Accounts From Online Fraud
>> Trick of the Trade: Hand-Scraped Vent ... or Not?
>> Tales from the Front: Repeat That?
>> Q&As: Defect Allowance, Nailing Strandwoven & Staining Maple
>> Inspections Are Supposed to Help Our Industry, Not Hurt It
>> Answers to License Requirement Questions for Contractors


February 2013 / March 2013

>> This Astounding Staircase is Long on Legend, Short on Fact
>> A River Runs Through This Educational Wood Floor
>> Exotic Wood Flooring is Aplenty at Copenhagen Airport
>> Sealed With a Kiss: Old-Fashioned Reforestation Efforts
>> Techno Tip: Private Eyes
>> Workers’ Fear of Finish Bubbles Creates a Problem
>> Is Obamacare Good or Bad For Your Small Business?
>> Use These Tips to Invest in the Right Architectural Photographer
>> Sharing Wisdom After a Lifetime in the Wood Flooring Industry
>> Business Brief: Examining Impact
>> Q&As: Penetrating Oil Maintenance, Moisture 'Barriers' & Too Many Shorts
>> Trick of the Trade: Take the Pain Out of Staining Vents
>> Take Steps to Avoid Noise Complaints with Floating Floors
>> End-Grain Floors Take Root at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
>> How Will Design Decisions Impact Your Life on the Job Site?
>> Tales From the Front: Hey Big Fella ...
>> Unenforceable? Not All Clauses in Your Contract Are a Lock


December 2012 / January 2013

>> Why Won’t This Wood Floor Finish Adhere to the Previous Coat?
>> Simple Wood Floor Adhesive Advice to Help Your Glue-Down Jobs Succeed
>> Tale from the Front: Plumber Fans Filler Fire
>> This Wood Floor Man Discovers the Meaning of 'Experience'
>> Beware the Swirls: Take Your Buffer Technique to the Next Level
>> Follow These Recommendations for Handling Hazardous Materials
>> Q&As: Janka Explained, Self-Leveling Underlayment, & Testing Slabs
>> Contractor Uses Time-Tested Artist's Effect on Bathroom Floor
>> This Isn't Your Grandma's Oak Flooring
>> Vintage Moments: Why Does the Celtics' Court Have Square Panels?
>> Business Brief: Using Fear
>> TechnoTip: Keeping That Smartphone Battery Juiced
>> Economic Forecast: What Will 2013 Hold?
>> Trick of the Trade: Too Darn Hot?
>> Ideas to Consider Before Launching an Internet Flooring Store
>> In the Ozarks, Wood Floors Grace a Cultural Bastion With Walmart Ties


Resource Book 2013

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October 2012 / November 2012

>> Q&As: Wood Floor Finish Repairs, Installing Without Directions, and Whether Engineered is 'Real' Wood
>> Business Brief: Striking Balance with Your Leadership
>> Why Is This Prefinished Wood Floor Rotting in Place?
>> Tales From the Front: Creating Kindling
>> Familiarize Yourself with Site-Cured UV Finishes
>> Complicated Cork Floor Resand Took Finesse and Know-How
>> Trick of the Trade: When You Run Out of Finish
>> Flooring Florida: A Day in the Life of Contractor Paul Williford
>> With Gibson Settlement, 'Due Care' is Slightly More Clear
>> TechnoTip: How Should I Back Up My Business Files?
>> Managing Your Company's Online Reputation
>> Track Your Bit-Hit Ratio to Maximize Your Efforts and Profits
>> Contractor Kicks the New Construction Blues With Poetry
>> Vintage Moments: Carpet = Plague?
>> Watching Wood Flooring Emerge as Globalization Takes Over
>> Philly Floor Store Uses Vans to Promote Lead Generation Program


August 2012 / September 2012

>> TechnoTip: Taking Credit Card Payment With a Smartphone
>> Do You Have Answers When Bombarded With Green Questions?
>> Unwelcome Popping Noises Come From This Engineered Plank
>> Q&As: Storing Sanders, Sealers Under Wax, Prefinished vs. Factory-Finished
>> Trick of the Trade: Tip for Job-Costing
>> Tales from the Front: Stormy Weather
>> Beyond Bamboo Basics: Gain a Deeper Understanding of this Flooring
>> What to do With a Wet Concrete Slab
>> How to Control Your Monthly Mobile Phone Costs
>> When Making Green Marketing Claims, Tread Carefully
>> Great Green Payoff: Succeeding With FSC-Certified Flooring
>> Kids Install End-Grain Floor With One of Industry's Best
>> Entrepreneur Saves Staves For Wine Barrel Flooring
>> Vintage Moments: GC and Contractor Squabble in Verse
>> Federal Enforcement Leads to Backlash Over Lacey Act


April 2012 / May 2012

>> Vintage Moments: The Inaugural NWFA Expo
>> ABCs of Forming a Wood Flooring Business
>> Smart Smartphone Security Tips
>> Going From Negative Worker to Positive Reformer
>> Answer These 5 Questions for Better Financial Control
>> Mimicking Marble for a Fabulous Foyer Floor
>> Dane Makes Marvelous Marbelous Artwork
>> Tales from the Front: Employees Over-Think This Job
>> It Varies: We Can’t Expect Solid Prefinished Wood Floor Widths to be Perfect
>> Profit Killers on Wood Floor Jobs
>> Do the Right Thing: Real Wood Floor Job Site Dilemmas
>> Trick of the Trade: Sock it to Your Wood Floor Nailer
>> Q&As: Damage in Customers’ Homes, Refinishing Acrylic Impregnated & Streaks in Finish
>> Bending the Finish Rules May Work ... or Not
>> Dirty Poly Beads Appear in This Trouble-Plagued Gym Floor
>> State of the Wood Flooring Industry 2012: Rocky Ground


Resource Book 2012

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November 2010

Resource Book
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April 2010 / May 2010

2010 State of the Industry

School Days
Hardwood Floors spends a day with a student at an NWFA tech school.

NWFA Exhibitor Showcase


February 2010 / March 2010

The Design Issue

Showcasing Your Work
A portfolio helped launch this company into the design world

Your Best Display
Are you guilty of these showroom sins?


December 2009 / January 2010

The Surfaces Issue
Exhibitor Showcase

Keep your business safe from OSHA fines

Penny-Pinching Marketing
How to market on a really tight budget


November 2009

Resource Book
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October 2009 / November 2009

The Prefinished Issue

Best-Laid Plans
Resolve to ride out the recession with a better business

Blueprint Basics
Use blueprints for easy job site measuring


August 2009 / September 2009

The Green Issue

Going Green on the Job Site
Help the environment and your bottom line

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Product Focus


June 2009 / July 2009

Wood Floor of the Year 2009
See all the winners in this year’s prestigious contest.

Easing Employees' Anxiety
Communicate with your employees during tough times.

Faux Finishing
Use faux finishing to imitate exotics with domestic species.


April 2009 / May 2009

State of the 09 Industry
The annual State of the Industry report.

From the Field
Do you buy like a pro?

Step by Step
Installing an inlay is easier than you think.


February 2009 / March 2009

The Technology Issue

Techie Tools
Technology is key to running this contracting business

Better Billing
Improve cash flow with electronic billing


December 2008 / January 2009

The Surfaces Issue
Exhibitor Showcase

Cut your workers' comp costs.

Step by Step
Build a sled to create your own medallions.


November 2008

Resource Book
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October / November 2008

The Prefinished Issue

Reduce your taxes and look good doing it.

Sanding 101


August / September 2008

The Environmental Issue

Into The Woods
A Closer Look at Illegal Logging

Product Focus
Reclaimed Wood Floors


June / July 2008

Wood Floor of the Year

Bear Market
Make Money in a Tough Market

Power Up
Hook Up Power Safely on the Job


April / May 2008

State of the Industry 2008
Riding Out the Storm

Cash in a Flash
Get Paid Faster for your Work

Got Game?
Recoating Gym Floors


February / March 2008

A Day in the Life
Flooring Durham

Cost Cutter
Reduce Mandatory Costs for the Market Downturn

Reality Check
Tough Job-Site Conditions


December 2007 / January 2008

The Surfaces Issue
Bright Lights, New City

Financial Resolutions
Get On Top of your Financials in 2008

Sensational Spectrum
Working With Dyes