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Home » Troubleshooting/Inspections » Problems with bamboo floor separating

For problem floors and inspection-related issues.
1/30/2012 8:41:03 AM

Kim Wahlgren
Kim Wahlgren
Posts: 111
We got this question posted on an article:

Installed vertical bamboo floor over hydronically heated concrete floor with cork sound proofing in between and glued the tung and grove. Homeowner called to complain about floor separating after going through summer of air conditioning and winter of heating. Went to inspect floor only to find out the owner has no humidifier and the heating contractor quoted 5k to install one. Homeowner wants old floor out and new one installed for free saying contractor did not inform him that he needed to have humidity in house. The floor measured 4.2% and a new box of floor we had left at the house the week before was measuring 6.8%. I do not believe the installer has any responsibility for the ambient conditions or owners ignorance. These are long time homeowners. Please advise.
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1/30/2012 11:09:05 AM

Posts: 417
That is why each completed job shall require that the contractor or whoever sold/installed the floor leave a pamphlet explaining the do's and dont's of living with a wood ("grass" in this case) floor.
Anything new we buy, car or appliance, comes with a users manual. Why would that not count for wood floors? If this was provided to the homeowner in question it would be a simple answer!
I have seen instructions like this in actual boxes that prefinished flooring is packaged/delivered in, this could have been easily attached to the final invoice/bill for the homeowner reference.

Who is at fault or responcible for providing/attaining these instructions? We may think that common sence. Think about it!

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Home » Troubleshooting/Inspections » Problems with bamboo floor separating