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Unfinished, prefinished, subfloor prep, etc.
10/4/2011 12:50:03 PM

Kim Wahlgren
Kim Wahlgren
Posts: 111
This question was just submitted as a comment on an old story about subfloors. Anyone have experience with this?

Could using Vantech for a subfloor cause you to have squeaks? The house I am working on is new construction, but the builder only uses vantech and I am having a lot of problems with squeaks thoughout the house. It is as if the subflooring is not holding the nails.
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10/4/2011 2:15:37 PM

David Harrison
David Harrison
Posts: 452
I get the impression that everyone is exhausted over arguing about inspections... :-). Kim, they must mean Advantech. this is a highly moisture resistent plywood sheating that would work well as an underlayment. If they have squeaks....I would suspect that they possibly did not leave any spacing between the plywood panels when they were nailed down.....this would just be a first step however....of course there could be other the fasteners in the subfloor and the fastening procedure on the flooring........basically something has to rub together to cause a squeak.....sometimes the panels of the subfloor are riding up and down on a loose fastener.....May be someone out there has had some expereince with using Advantech. I have some customers who have used it and there were no problems.....what type of fastener is he using?
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10/4/2011 5:22:14 PM

Posts: 148
As David said there are numerous reasons for noise in the subfloor. But to correct the record, Advantech is not plywood but is OSB (oriented strand board). There have been two Fastener Withdrawal Studies in 1992 and 2001 paid for by NOFMA (National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association) which was shut down in late 2008 (I think) and absorbed by NWFA. These studies showed a difference in fastener withdrawal resistance between plywood and OSB. Plywood holds a staples and cleats better than OSB of the same thickness. I think that it would be prudent to be particularly careful installing over any OSB product by insuring that the panels are well fastened to the joists; at a proper MC; and use some extra staples/cleats in the wood floor to make up for the difference in fastener withdrawal strength. I also believe that 15# Asphalt saturated felt is an important component of every nail down wood floor.

Brickman Consulting
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Home » Installation » Squeaky subfloor