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'Micro House' Has Wood Floors Underfoot
And here we have a lovely single-story with all the basic amenities like a toilet, shower, bed, chair, table, stove, sink and, of course, a hardwood floor—and it's just 84 square feet. Did we mention it’s rigged on a trailer?

It's not the most alluring real estate listing ever written, but Glenn Grassi of Erie, Colo., says his "micro house" spec home is "the wave of the future," according to the Denver Post. Grassi, a theater set designer, sourced some pieces—wood, insulation, windows, door—from ReSource in Boulder, Colo. The rest he culled from yard sales and giveaways.

The home also features triple-screwed shingles—to withstand towing—and a composting toilet that doubles as a chair. What's more, the shower doubles as a bed, and the wood-burning stove can be used for heating and cooking.

Eco-friendly to the hilt, Grassi is now looking to sell the micro house, and he's asking $16,500. Understandably, anyone purchasing the house will be buying into the argument that less is more.
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