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Wood Floor of the Year 2014

Wood Floor of the Year 2014

Wood Floor of the Year 2014

The Quest for Colors - Don't Go Astray With Custom Stain Colors


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Korus Wood Flooring’s Unfinished Line allows customers to create any color and gloss combination on nine different types of wood including plainsawn white oak, walnut, hickory and ash, among others. The product contains a square edge and, for most of the line, a sawn wear layer, the company says.

Barricade Building Products’ Floor & Tile Underlayment offers protection against moisture vapor with two layers of kraft paper laminated with a polymer. This offers a higher tolerance to heat and is 100 percent recyclable. The underlayment contains no asphalt, making it easy and clean to work with, the company says.

Wintersteiger’s TRC Eco line is tailored toward middle- and big-sized companies looking to repair wood defects like cracks and knots in a single filling procedure, independent of the machinist’s skill level. After the defect is filled, the board can be stacked or processed immediately, the company says.

Dynamic Systems Inc.’s Total Track System includes software, labels, scanners, quick-start implementation and training for contractors, cleaning and restoration companies looking to reduce the loss of tools and track inventory. The systems can be integrated into QuickBooks and other accounting programs.

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