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This Wood Floor Man Discovers the Meaning of 'Experience'
By Doug McGrew, December 2012/January 2013
I recently embarked on a flooring project in which everything that could go wrong seemed to. The outcome could have been quite disastrous...

Beware the Swirls: Take Your Buffer Technique to the Next Level
By Michael & Joe Glavin, December 2012/January 2013
Perfectly finishing a hardwood floor without any swirl marks is a challenge. The dreaded swirl marks happen when we are buffing; they...

Complicated Cork Floor Resand Took Finesse and Know-How
By Steven Tolli, October/November 2012
Earlier this year I was asked to look at a cork floor and give my opinion on what could be done to fix it. The floor was at the...

Q&As: Storing Sanders, Sealers Under Wax, Prefinished vs. Factory-Finished
By HF Editors, August/September 2012
When I’m done sanding for the day, is there anything I should do to my sander...

Do the Right Thing: Real Wood Floor Job Site Dilemmas
By Avi Hadad, April/May 2012
We constantly hear of jobs gone wrong and how to do them right in the future. We read about people who were financially hurt by...

Tales From the Front: Wood Floor Edging ... or Not?
By HF Editors, August/September 2011
Like many in the wood flooring industry, Mike Abraham, now with Memphis, Mich.-based Superior Floor Service Inc., grew up in the trenches, working for his father's business, and he ...

Know These 10 Facts for a Great Cork Job
By Don Jewell, December 2011/January 2012
Cork flooring has been around for many years, but it’s seeing a resurgence due to its unique aesthetics...

A Look at the Dying Craft of Sanding & Finishing Bowling Alleys
By Patrick Burke, August/September 2011
Growing up in the bowling alley business as a young boy was an experience I still cherish to this day. My grandfather owned a bowling establishment...

Q&As: Square Footage Shortage, Avoiding Dishout & Sound Barriers
By HF Editors, June/July 2011
Why does it seem like I’m always short on flooring when I get to the end of my installations? It seems like the manufacturers are shorting me. Glen Miller, manufacturer...

What is Really Causing White Line Syndrome?
By Kim M. Wahlgren, June/July 2011
The wood flooring business doesn’t have much in the way of conspiracy theories, but one finish problem is approaching that status. Rumors...